Elliott Training Testimonials

What Our Customers Say About Elliott Training Courses

"Trainer displays good knowledge and delivers material well." – Rick King, Nuclear Machinist, Entergy 

"Good class, kept things interesting, Easy to understand and follow." Troy Mead, Machinist, Holly Frontier 

"Excellent Training, good use of personal anecdotes to relate to course material." Cordell Regnault, Teck Metals, BC, Canada 

"Trainer went above and beyond" – Kevin Messer, Machinist, Chevron 

"Very well done - kept class interesting and pointed out important topics." David Lavegne, Westlake Chemical 

"Good training that was very useful. Really able to understand everything that was covered." Arinee Agada, Westlake Chemicals  

"Very knowledgeable about equipment, kept us entertained." Paul Greene  

"Great Class!" James Boudreaux, Machinery Planner 

"Great, Informative class. I learned a lot and hope to return for other classes." Robert Ruyle, Millwright, ExxonMobil