Rotational Engineering Program

Kick-Start Your Career in Engineering

Elliott's Rotational Engineering Program is intended to introduce new engineering graduates into the organization through a comprehensive two-year training program. Participants complete three rotational assignments where they are exposed to three business units -- Global Services, Global Manufacturing, and New Apparatus. Participants will perform engineering assignments designed to develop professional work knowledge and experience. Upon completion of the program, the engineers are placed into positions in the organization where they can best apply their individual skills and know-how.


Program FAQs

Is this the first time Elliott is hiring rotational engineers?  

No. Elliott's Rotational Engineering Program was started more than 15 years ago. Our program alumni continue to build successful careers at Elliott across all areas of engineering, sales, and operational leadership.

Is travel required (i.e., do I have to go out of state during this program)?

Yes. Participants in this program must be willing to go where the business needs exists. Currently, the plans are to have one rotation in our Global Service Center in Houston, TX, and two rotations in our headquarters office in Jeannette, PA, but that is subject to change based on business needs.

I don’t live in PA [or in a location with a facility], can I still apply?

Yes. Relocation assistance is available.

Will travel expenses be covered?

Yes. Elliott will cover the travel expenses consistent with our Travel and Expense policy.

Are all rotations mandatory?

Yes. As the intent of the program is to give the participant a view into three different business units while also giving the business units insight into employees at the beginning of their engineering careers, all rotations are mandatory.

Are the two years mandatory? 

Yes. During the third rotation, candidates will be able to apply for jobs in any department of Elliott. We do our best to align employee interests with open positions.

Am I able to choose which rotation I complete when?

Potentially, but not very likely. The schedule is set to enable the balance of experienced staff that can support a rotational engineer on given projects. Your business unit can help direct and customize your experience based on your needs to the degree that is possible within our business needs.

Will I be paid while in the program? 

Yes. Rotational Engineering Program participants are full-time Elliott employees, drawing a salary and benefits package with the company. This is a full-time position, just designed to be heavily focused on developmental activities.

Is this program a full-time commitment [40 hours per week]? What are the hours?

This is a full-time commitment and full-time job.  The specific start and stop hours will be as flexible as possible for each candidate within the established company guidelines.  Departments operate with core hours and people are able to flex start and stop times as long as the core hours are covered.

Does this program lead into a permanent job position?

Yes. During the third rotation, candidates will be able to apply for jobs based in any department of Elliott. We do our best to align employee interest with open positions.

How large is this program (i.e., how many participants)?

Our current plan for the 2024-2025 program year includes four rotational engineers. Elliott reserves the right to adjust the size of the program to fit business needs.

Will I be considered if my specialization [in engineering] is not listed?

Potentially.  Based on experience, the program of Mechanical Engineering at most engineering schools prepares students for many different engineering roles at Elliott.  However, successful participants from a variety of other majors have been through the program and have built great careers at Elliott.  The list of majors identified in the job description is based on our experience. 

Will I be considered if I graduated in May 2023?

Yes. We are seeking to fill two positions starting January 2024. May 2023 graduates are encouraged to apply.  

I don’t graduate until December 2024. Will this program have another cycle?

Potentially. This program has been established at Elliott for many years. It is Elliott’s intent to continue this program in future years. We reserve the right to adjust the size of the program to fit business needs.

Where do I apply?

In order to be considered for the position, candidates must apply on Elliott’s system.  Here is the link to the job.

What is the application time frame?

Applications will be accepted mid-September through early-October. We will proceed through the recruitment process and plan to have offers extended in December.