High Speed Rotor Balance

Computer-aided balancing in one of the world's largest balancing chambers.

Ebara Elliott Energy's state-of-the-art, high-speed rotor balance facility features computer-aided balancing and one of the largest balancing chambers in the world, with an underground bunker and control room. The bunker chamber operates under vacuum which allows balancing of fully bladed rotors under running conditions.

During planned or unplanned maintenance, turbomachinery rotors are typically balanced at low speed before reinstallation. However, repairs to the rotor or replacement of rotor parts can cause changes to the rotor dynamics that are not detectable during low-speed balance. Undetected imbalances can excite the rotor at operating speed, causing it to vibrate excessively. High vibration can trigger an unplanned shutdown, potentially costing millions of dollars in lost production.

Our high-speed balancing capabilities minimize vibration in any manufacturer's rotor throughout the entire speed range. High-speed balance also relieves residual stresses introduced during the repair process and allows the rotor components to settle into place. Following a high-speed balance at our facility, engineers and technicians review the results to ensure that any imbalances have been corrected and will not affect the future performance of the rotor. 

Certain circumstances dictate that a rotor should be balanced at high speed before going into service:

  • Problem rotors with persistent vibration issues
  • Repaired or rebladed rotors
  • Improperly stored spare rotors
  • Any turbomachinery rotor critical to a production process

24-Hour Turnaround

At Ebara Elliott Energy, we know that turnaround timetables can be tight. We regularly balance rotors and ship them back to customers within 24 hours after delivery to our high-speed rotor balance facility.