Pos-E-Coat® Specialty Coatings

Extend equipment life with Ebara Elliott Energy coating systems.

Pos-E-Coat®, Ebara Elliott Energy's proprietary line of protective coatings, provides anti-fouling, corrosion and erosion resistance for rotating equipment in refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, and other industrial settings. Pos-E-Coat's unique chemical properties create a non-stick, protective surface on stationary and rotating components to deliver superior protection and value including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Longer time between maintenance intervals
  • Significantly less downtime due to fouling and corrosion

Our materials engineering laboratory reviews each machinery application to formulate a proper coating for the specific environment and service. This ensures maximum coating performance and prevents premature separation during operation and chemical wash.

Hydrogen Recycle Compressor Coating

compressor with specialty coating

Specialty Coating Provides Fouling and Corrosion Resistance

Hydrogen recycle compressors operate in harsh environments that present unique corrosion and fouling challenges. Salts, such as ammonium chloride, carried over from upstream processes adhere to metallic surfaces and reduce compressor efficiency over time. Corrosion pitting can also rapidly occur underneath the ammonium chloride deposits, creating the perfect initiation sites for fatigue cracks. If not addressed, this can result in operating issues or even equipment failure.

Ebara Elliott Energy’s Pos-E-Coat® Protect is the first coating that is specifically formulated for hydrogen recycle compressors. As the newest addition to our coating product line for turbomachinery, Pos-E-Coat Protect is designed to protect critical components from ammonium chloride attacks and to safeguard against potential catastrophic issues caused by fouling and corrosion. 

Although industry standard coatings for centrifugal compressors traditionally focus on minimizing fouling, none of them – until Ebara Elliott Energy’s Pos-E-Coat Protect – have been developed specifically for hydrogen recycle compressors.

Applying Pos-E-Coat Protect to your rotors, impellers, and diaphragms provides fouling and corrosion resistance, prevents corrosion pitting of critical compressor components, and helps to maintain operational efficiency. Our specialty coating is recommended for both new hydrogen recycle compressors and existing compressors in service. 

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